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Hi, guys!  I've been wanting to provide a solution to the age old problem of getting prints and in a year or less they are out dated and need to be updated. That's why I am rolling out a few new printing products and a couple of new photo session types (read more on that here)

This of this new product as a volume in a series of photo books. You get to tell me the frequency at which a book is ordered and I handle the rest. Don't worry you will still get all of the digital images via download to have for forever. 

In addition to the photo book volume, you will also get FREE prints that will automatically be replaced by me every time you use me as your photographer. So say you use me for your maternity photos, new prints from that shoot will be mailed automatically to you and if you choose to use me for your newborn photos you will get more new prints no questions asked. 

The *free* prints will be printed on high-quality paper from a magnificent printer and will be applied across all sessions I currently offer.

Alright, now to the question I know if burning in your head. 

The cost. 

This volume book comes with my Lifestyle & ADITL sessions but you can add it on to any session for only $35/session.

If you think about your life time and all of the photos you take or have someone to take for you, does it make sense for them to sit on a hard-drive never to be looked at? No, it doesn't so start creating your volume photo book now! :)  

I hope this new product will help you cherish your memories captured in photos all the more. 

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