How Much Does A Photography Session Cost


Everyone wants to know the answer to this question and if you are like me you are hoping that the answer is $ compared to $$$. The problem is, is that people only consider the actual shoot in what they think it should cost. They either forget or don't understand that there is way more in photography than just taking the photos. Hopefully, this insight will give you a better understanding of why it costs what it costs and how you can know if you are getting a fair deal or not. 

Let's take a look at all of the expenses the photographer fronts in order to be able to produce your photos. The pricing below is a reflection of the average professional photographer. There are photographers cheaper and more expensive but for this post, we are going to focus on the average price range of the gear used by this type of photographer (and yes, I fall into this category). 

Camera + Lens - $2,000-$8,000+
Lighting gear - $800-$5,000
Memory cards - $50-$150
Computer to edit photos - $1,500-$5,000
Software to edit photos $600-$1000/year
Website to send you your photos & store them for you $100-$500+/year                                                            Travel Expense, Etc.
Not to mention the schooling they paid for or the time it takes them to take your photos.

I have intentionally kept my prices as low as I feel like I can because I want everyone to have access to great photos. A lot of photographers charge extra for the digital downloads of edited photos but I believe that that should be included in the price of a session. 

Professional photography is just that. Professional. Yes, you probably can take fine photos on your iPhone. Yes, you can pay someone less than $100 to take your photos. And yes, I know that my pricing will not work for everyone. But I want people to love the photos I take for them and feel like they got something so much more valuable than the investment they made. Professional photography is not for everyone and that's ok. 

So how much should a photography session cost? I think in my area of the U.S. the average session should cost around $300-$700. Like I said above, some photographers include digital downloads and some do not so if you want to stay in that price range make sure you get the downloads included. [PRO TIP: I offer discounts every now and then so if you'd like to be informed when I do sign up for my monthly newsletter.] 

I'll leave you with this: you get what you pay for. 

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