Friends, I've moved to full time self employed (#bosslady) and that means that things are changing (for the better) here at EC Photo. In addition to my style and approach, I've got some new offerings to share with you. 

  • All shoots now come with FREE prints #everypraise 🙌. I'm taking the pesky and annoying part of photo shoots off your plate. After every shoot, you will get free photos delivered straight to your door. Bonus, if you use me every year for your pictures you'll get a discount for every year after the first. 
  • Choose your session. Now you can choose a shoot that fits for you. I'm offering 3 standard sessions, a lifestyle session and a year in the life. 
  • Pricing is changing a bit. I've really wrestled with this because I feel like everyone deserves the ability to get photos. But I've concluded that the value I'm giving you in return matches investment you are making. 
  • Photo volume books. I'm offering a creative way to get all of your favorite photos printed. This comes with a couple of my sessions but you can always add it on to any session. The beauty of this product is that it will be a compilation of photos over a defined time period. An example would be, engagement, wedding, baby or first house in one photo book. You can now have "life volumes" to remember all those wonderful moments.  

So those are the new things for EC photo. Feel free to reach out and ask questions. 

Have a fabulous day! 


Elizabeth CaudleComment