Indianapolis Portrait Photographer[rowan] two

Hello friends, this sweet boy is Rowan. From these photos or from spending anytime with him or his parents you wouldn't ever no that he had a 10% chance of living once he was born. The doctors gave him a grim diagnosis and had very little hope that he would make it at all. After he was born the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him. Everything they had been monitoring was just gone. In my family, we call this a miracle straight from God. 

You see while the doctors gave their diagnosis's and tried to explain everything, there were probably hundreds of us praying that God would heal little Rowan. He did heal him and these pictures are just a glimpse of the wonderful blessing he is in the lives of those who love him. 

Enjoy these precious moments! 

Planes are so cool to look at!

Planes are so cool to look at!