Zionsville, Indiana Familty Photographer - emerson + daxton [kids]

This shoot was planned but we hadn't really planned what we wanted to do until I arrived. We shot in Jonathan & Aimee's backyard and originally I just planned to use nature as a backdrop. That is until I found this old looking ladder in their garage.

Being a location photographer for the most part, I have to improvise on almost every shoot. And let me just state that you can plan the perfect shoot/shots with the perfect props but if the kids/family/ couple/pets/whatever are not in the mood you WILL get less than photos. Luckily for me these kids totally rocked this shoot. I will admit that it does help I am their (favorite) aunt but it also helps that I am willing to BE FLEXIBLE and I am definitely not above bribing;).  If these shots wouldn't have turned out this blog post would have been written a little bit differently but since they did turn out allow me to share some of my favorites from this session.